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Jabra Talk

Jabra Talk primary height="245" title="Jabra Talk primary"/>



  • Pros

    Inexpensive. Good incoming call quality.

  • Cons
    Poor noise cancellation. Finicky to find a good fit.
  • Bottom Line

    The Jabra Talk is a no-frills Bluetooth headset that’s heavy on value and light on features.

By Alex Colon

If you’re looking to buy your first Bluetooth headset, you’re probably not looking for a pricey, top-of-the-line model with a ton of features you never even knew existed. Chances are you’re looking for something more like the $29.99 (list) Jabra Talk. It’s easy to set up and use, and you can find it out there for well under its list price, which makes it about as much of an investment as a large pepperoni pizza. But let’s make this clear: The Jabra Talk isn’t a great headset. The fit could be better, and noise cancellation is pretty poor. Still, if you’re new to Bluetooth, it sounds pretty good and is a reasonably priced entry point.

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Design, Fit, and Pairing
The Jabra Talk looks like your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth headset. It measures 0.95 by 2.1 by 0.65 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.35 ounces. It's made mostly of matte black plastic, with a silver plastic line that runs along the outer edge, and a chunky strip that separates the front of the headset's face from the button on the other side. Controls are sparse. There's a power switch on the inside of the headset, right next to the earpiece. Two hidden LED lights indicate Bluetooth connectivity and battery life. Volume control is located on the bottom of the headset, and is easy to toggle while you're on a call. A multifunction Call button is located right next to your ear, and can be used to answer and end calls, redial numbers, and trigger voice dialing.

The headset uses an in-ear design and comes with three different size silicone ear buds and two different plastic hooks. I'm not a fan of the hook, even though they do make the fit more secure. I wasn't thrilled with the fit of any of the ear buds, either, but I found the middle size the most comfortable to wear without needing to hook myself in. Luckily, because the headset is light, once I established the proper fit I practically forgot it was there.

Jabra Talk inline

The Talk is automatically set to pairing mode the first time you turn it on. For subsequent pairings, all you have to do is hold down the Call button for a few seconds until the Bluetooth indicator begins to flash. From there, simply follow the instructions on your device for a standard Bluetooth pairing procedure. For this review, I had no trouble pairing the Talk with an Apple iPhone 4S and a Sony Xperia ZL.

Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, and Conclusions
Once paired, you can initiate voice dialing by holding down the Call button for a couple of seconds. It will initiate whatever voice control you use, like Google Voice or Siri. I had no trouble making calls, asking Siri to play some music, or having Google Voice open up the calendar app. You can tap the Call button once to answer or end a call, and twice to redial the last number you were connected to.

Call quality is mixed. With the Talk in your ear, voices can sound a little digitized, with some fuzz around the edge, but overall volume goes loud and calls sound clear enough that you won't have trouble understanding anyone. But on the other end, calls made with the Talk have very low volume and sound a bit muffled. Even worse is that it sounds like there is next to no noise cancellation, so it's easy for your voice to get lost if you're calling from a noisy place. Calls made indoors were mostly fine, but this isn't the right headset for you if you plan to use it a lot while on the go.

The Jabra Talk doesn't have many additional features, but it supports A2DP, so you can use it to listen to streaming media like apps, audiobooks, music, and podcasts. The headset gets pretty loud, so volume isn't a problem, but for music, bass is basically nonexistent. Still, it sounds fine for podcasts, and most people don't use mono headsets for music anyway.

Range was fine; I was able to clear the standard 20 feet before sound started to break up. And battery life is okay, at 5 hours and 21 minutes. Jabra claims the headset can last up to eight days on standby.

The Jabra Talk doesn't have a ton of cool features or bar-setting performance. And if you plan to use it outdoors, its lousy noise cancellation means you should probably look for a different headset. But for just over $20, depending on where you buy it, I don't want to knock the Talk too hard. It's still a perfectly decent headset, especially if this is your first time using Bluetooth. It's actually a better choice than the similarly priced Samsung HM1800,iPhone 5 cases, since that headset lacks A2DP.

But if you're willing to spend a little more, the Plantronics M55 is our Editors' Choice for budget Bluetooth headsets. It costs nearly twice the price, but it has better call quality and noise cancellation, much longer battery life, and a sleeker design. The Plantronics Marque 2 M165 is another good option, while the Sony SBH20 gets you a unique clip-on design, along with excellent stereo sound quality through a pair of wired earbuds.

Download und Info DEKRA Mngelreport fr iPhone

Die DEKRA-App erlaubt eine Gliederung nach Fahrzeugklassen.

Die kostenlose App listet beliebte Automodelle in acht Klassen auf und zeigt die Tendenz der Prfergebnisse in einem bersichtlichen Diagramm. Dabei werden die Prfergebnisse in fnf Baugruppen wie Motor,Samsung Note 2 Hüllen, Fahrwerk oder Elektrik dargestellt. Die Ergebnisse zeigen Sie fr drei Laufleistungen bis 50.000, zwischen 50- und 100.000 und 100.000 bis 150.000 Kilometer an. Zu den 230 verschiedenen Modellen liefert die App die besten Fahrzeuge des Jahres.


  • bersichtliche Ordnung nach Autotypen
  • Analyse der Baugruppen nach Mngelanflligkeit
  • ntzliche Kurzbewertung
    • kein vollstndiger Fahrzeugberblick Fazit
      Der DEKRA Mngelreport liefert einen recht guten berblick ber gngige Automobiltypen,GALAXY Ace Plus, ihre Vorzge und ihre Macken. Als grobe Orientierung beim Gebraucht- und Neuwagenkauf erweist sich das Programm als durchaus hilfreich. (Hol)
      Download: Gratis-App DEKRA Mngelreport herunterladen
      Download-Special: Die besten Apps der Woche

Zero Z900, el stick HDMI con Android 4.0 ya disponible por solo 75 $

Zero Z900

Ya os hablamos de Z900, el stick HDMI de ZERO Devices capaz de convertir tu TV en todo un centro de ocio con Android 4.0, un accesorio con muchas posibilidades en el mercado de los reproductores multimedia. Por aquel entonces, se trataba tan solo de un proyecto que ahora ve la luz a un irresistible precio de 75 $.

Y es que, pese a contar con unas características más que decentes, sus creadores han conseguido lanzarlo a un precio tan atractivo como su potencial.

Es posible hacerse con él a través de AsiaPads. Recordemos sus especificaciones:

Sistema Operativo Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Procesador Telechips TCC8925 a 1GHz
Memoria 512MB DDR2
Almacenamiento 4GB NAND Flash
Procesador gráfico Mali 400MP
Conectividad WiFi 802.11b/g/n 10/100Mbps
Almacenamiento expandible Micro TF 2~32GB – Dispositivo USB externo
Puertos E/S USB 2.0 Host – Ranura SD – HDMI 1.4
Teclados Soporte para teclado virtual, teclado inalámbrico 2.4G y fly mouse
Audio DTS, AC3, LPCM, FLAC, HE-AAC, MP3, OGG, WMA,Samsung Galaxy Note 3, WMAPRO
Vídeo MPEG 1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, Divx, Xvid, RM 8/9/10, VP6, MKV, TS, TP,Carcasas iphone 5s, M2TS, RM/RMVB, BD-ISO, AVI, MPG, VOB, DAT, ASF, TRP, FLV, etc.
Modos HDMI 1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p
Subtítulos SRT, SUB, idx, SSA, SMI
Alimentación Adaptador externo 5V 1A – Puerto mini USB

En | Android 4.0 en tu TV gracias a un simple ‘stick’ HDMI gracias a Zero Z900

Engineers craft new material for high-performing ‘supercapacitors’

Apr. 15, 2013 — Taking a significant step toward improving the power delivery of systems ranging from urban electrical grids to regenerative braking in hybrid vehicles, researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have synthesized a material that shows high capability for both the rapid storage and release of energy.

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In a paper published in the April 14 issue of the journal Nature Materials, a team led by professor of materials science and engineering Bruce Dunn defines the characteristics of a synthesized form of niobium oxide with a great facility for storing energy. The material would be used in a "supercapacitor,Coques iPhone 5s," a device that combines the high storage capacity of lithium ion batteries and the rapid energy-delivery ability of common capacitors.

UCLA researchers said the development could lead to extremely rapid charging of devices, ranging in applications from mobile electronics to industrial equipment. For example, supercapacitors are currently used in energy-capture systems that help power loading cranes at ports, reducing the use of hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel.

"With this work, we are blurring the lines between what is a battery and what is a supercapacitor," said Veronica Augustyn, a graduate student in materials science at UCLA and lead author of the paper. "The discovery takes the disadvantages of capacitors and the disadvantages of batteries and does away with them."

Batteries effectively store energy but do not deliver power efficiently because the charged carriers, or ions,coque galaxy note 3, move slowly through the solid battery material. Capacitors, which store energy at the surface of a material, generally have low storage capabilities.

Researchers on Dunn’s team synthesized a type of niobium oxide that demonstrates substantial storage capacity through "intercalation pseudocapacitance," in which ions are deposited into the bulk of the niobium oxide in the same way grains of sand can be deposited between pebbles.

As a result, electrodes as much as 40 microns thick — about the same width as many commercial battery components — can quickly store and deliver energy on the same time scales as electrodes more than 100 times thinner.

Dunn emphasizes that although the electrodes are an important first step, "further engineering at the nanoscale and beyond will be necessary to achieve practical devices with high energy density that can charge in under a minute."

Co-authors of the study included Dunn; Sarah Tolbert, a UCLA chemistry and biochemistry professor; Augustyn and fellow UCLA Engineering graduate student Jong Woung Kim; Cornell University professor Héctor Abruña; Cornell postgraduate researcher Michael Lowe; Patrice Simon, a professor at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France; and graduate student Jérémy Come and researcher Pierre-Louis Taberna of the Université Paul Sabatier.

The research from the Energy Frontier Research Centers, UCLA-based Molecularly Engineered Energy Materials and Cornell-based Energy Materials Center, was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy; a European Research Council grant supported researh from Université Paul Sabatier.

Dark Souls II guida da HDBlog parte 2 e 3 #8211; il Bosco dei Giganti Caduti

,Custodia Galaxy S3

Il nostro viaggio nel mondo di Dark Souls II è finalmente iniziato. Abbiamo deciso di passare dal Bosco dei Giganti Caduti come prima zona,Custodia Galaxy S4, location abbordabile per le prime ore di gioco. Nulla vita comunque di tentare altre vie. Potete trovare la recensione di Dark Souls II QUI.

I nemici non sono comunque semplici, infatti vedrete qualche morte relativamente “stupida”, purtroppo causata spesso e volentieri dalla voglia di mostrarvi alcune sequenze davvero interessanti.

Vi lasciamo quindi ai due sopra citati filmati, commentati da Alessandro “SketchT” Scrugli.

Di seguito la versione mobile dei filmati.

Potete trovare la Dark Souls II: Guida da HDBlog Parte 1 seguendo questo LINK.



Inspiration bijoux


Hello les filles,

Aujourd’hui, je vous propose un petit post d’inspiration sur les bijoux, parce que je suis fan des bijoux et plus particulièrement des gros bijoux ethnique, boho et amérindiens, en argent, turquoise, mais aussi des bracelets brésiliens… I love it !! 

Hello girls, 

Today, I offer a little inspiration post on jewelry,chaussures compensées, because I’m a fan of jewelry and more particularly ethnic jewelry , boho and Amerindian,Le Blog de la chaussure, silver, turquoise, but also Brazilian bracelets … I love it! 



















Source: Pinterest

Facebook Photos dans les commentaires et vid eacute;os dans Instagram

Le réseau social Facebook intègre désormais les photos dans les commentaires et a rendu les vidéos compatibles dans Instagram, l’occasion de reprendre le dessus sur Twitter et son succès grandissant.

Parfois, une image vaut mieux qu’un long discours.  Un message sur votre mur vous fait penser à une image, une photo ? Plus besoin de copier le lien dans les commentaires, peu pratique, les photos sont désormais intégrées dans les commentaires. Il suffit de cliquer sur le petit appareil photo situé à droite,, de choisir la photo et le tour est joué ! La fonction n’a pas encore été intégrée aux applications mobiles mais cela de ne devrait pas tarder.

La deuxième nouveauté est liée à Instagram. On connaissait Vine, l’application permettant de poster des vidéos extrêmement courte (6 secondes), maintenant Instagram est capable de faire la même chose mais avec une durée plus que doublée, soit treize secondes. 13 filtres créatifs seront disponibles. Le co-fondateur d’Instagram a expliqué “Nous avons besoin de faire pour la vidéo ce que nous avons fait pour les photos”.

A peine caché, l’objectif principal c’est bien évidemment de concurrencer Twitter qui prend de plus en plus d’importance notamment chez les jeunes. Le réseau a également intégré les hashtags il y a peu,étui Galaxy Note 3, marque de fabrique de l’oiseau bleu. Quoi qu’il en soit pour l’instant Facebook se contente d’emprunter ce que font les autres et de le mettre à sa sauce, ce qui fonctionne pour le moment mais jusque quand ? Si le réseau social veut rester numéro 1 il va falloir plus que ça.

Filtración de BBM para Android

Si hace unos días,Funda Galaxy ace, pudimos ver un vídeo de Blackberry Messenger corriendo en un dispositivo Android. Hoy nos enteramos a XDA, de la filtración de la app para poder instalarla. Esta aplicación al parecer se iba activar el 18 de septiembre en Google Play


Antes de descargar la app deben saber que por el momento no funciona el servicio, ya que se encuentra bloqueado,Samsung Galaxy S III, aunque si se puede crear una cuenta mientras tanto. La dirección del archivo que muestra XDA ha sido bloqueado por Blackberry por lo que hemos indagado y la hemos encontrado aunque no hemos verificado su veracidad así que cuidado, pero también pensar que solo falta dos días para la versión oficial. Se encuentra en el décimo comentario de esta página y su enlace es el siguiente. App BB

eBay Now to bring one-hour eBay deliveries to UK

eBay Now

eBay has announced that it is to bring super-fast eBay Now deliveries to the UK,iPhone 5C Case, having launched the service in 2012 in the US.

President of eBay Devin Wenig says that eBay Now is to launch in the UK “early in the new year”.

Ebay Now is a super-quick delivery service that’s as quick as an hour, and offers deliveries to your location as well as to your home address.

Wenig says eBay Now will initially launch in London, before presumably spreading to other UK cities later in the year. In the US, it’s currently available in New York City, San Francisco and San Jose.  

The service is based around orders from local,, large Market sellers, so the items available through the eBay Now service will be judged from a location-based search. The US roster of signed-up stores suggests it’ll only be the biggest retailers that’ll offer Now delivery – US stores include Walmart, Walgreens, Radio Shack and Toys R Us.

The announcement was made alongside the outing of a new partnership with Argos that’ll let you collect goods bought from many eBay Marketplace sellers from Argos stores.

eBay hasn’t yet announced pricing for eBay Now in the UK, but in the US it costs $5 per order so expect it to cost around £5 mark for British consumers.

Next, read about the super-cheap Tesco Hudl Android tablet.

Samsung anuncia el Galaxy Ace 3, su nuevo terminal de entrada con 4G

Galaxy Ace 3

Samsung ha anunciado lo que en las últimas horas se había convertido en un secreto a voces —gracias en parte a las filtraciones–. Y es que, apenas hace unas horas la compañía coreana ha puesto sobre la mesa su nuevo terminal de gama de entrada, el Galaxy Ace 3, con unas características humildes pero que serán más que suficientes para los que busquen un smartphone a precio ajustado. Además, para dar la ‘bienvenida’ al despliegue de 4G que finalmente se está produciendo en España —parece mentira que sea 2013– han anunciado una versión con 4G/LTE para que aproveche la velocidad extra en aquellos territorios donde esté disponible.

En lo que a especificaciones se refiere podemos encontrar lo siguiente:

Versión 3G

  • Pantalla LCD de 4″ y resolución de 480 x 800 píxeles
  • Procesador de doble núcleo a 1GHz
  • 1 GB de RAM
  • Cámara trasera de 5 MP con flash LED
  • Cámara frontal VGA
  • 4 GB de almacenamiento interno ampliables mediante microSD de hasta 64 GB
  • Batería de 1500 mAh
  • Tamaño: 121.2 x 62,Carcasas iPhone 5/5s.7 x 9.8 mm
  • Peso: 115 gramos
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Versión 4G/LTE
  • Pantalla LCD de 4″ y resolución de 480 x 800 píxeles
  • Procesador de doble núcleo a 1.2GHz
  • 1 GB de RAM
  • Cámara trasera de 5 MP con flash LED
  • Cámara frontal VGA
  • 8 GB de almacenamiento interno ampliables mediante microSD de hasta 64 GB
  • Batería de 1800 mAh
  • Tamaño: 121.2 x 62.7 x 10 mm
  • Peso: 119 gramos
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Galaxy Ace 3 Galaxy Ace 3 Galaxy Ace 3

Además de lo citado, la versión 3G contará con ranura para SIM dual. Desconocemos por el momento fecha de lanzamiento o precio de cualquiera de las dos versiones de este terminal,Carcasas iPhone 5, por lo que habrá que esperar a que Samsung revele más detalles al respecto.

Fuente | Samsung Mobile Press

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